Dental Biking

Since our moving in 2004 to live close to Central Park Dental Clinic, our dentist has already had two boys. About a year and a half ago he’s gone through a light traffic accident. It turns out that Dr. PJ lives in North Vancouver and has been commuting to Burnaby by bike. The morning of my dental appointment was supposed to be rainy. The weather forecast kept changing until finally it started to rain in the afternoon. I decided to take my bike to the clinic.

PJ’s accident was light but it left him stranded with headaches that are still preventing him from returning to work. It’s pretty strange to become orphaned from a doctor that is still alive but who we don’t have any contact with. When I bike, most of my way to the clinic and back home I do on the sidewalks of Kingsway. In the coming years this road will be transformed (2.4 mb file) to accommodate safer biking. Lately I’ve participated in quite a few discussions that deal with one of the hot topics in urban planning: reducing society’s reliance on cars. The needs of housing a growing population on limited lands ties in well with the move to encourage biking and walking.

Human history shows that challenges have always been great for innovative solutions. Technology continues to improve human interaction with the world. The marvels of nature on ground-level remind us of the less exciting realities of life expectancy, physical labour and collaboration. Until the next technological breakthrough I make do with my basic mechanical skills of fixing a bicycle tube.

About two hundred meters from home I feel my bike’s back wheel running on its rim. Whenever I need to fill air I take my bike to the nearest gas station because our pump is such a pain to use.  I decide to fix the puncture later and drive to purchase a new inner tube for six dollars. On my way back I have a new inner tube and a pump that together have cost about ten times more. Technology costs.


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