re:CONNECT. Vancouver: past; present; future (What we have).

This is an extension of the intro post

What we have

Vancouver has its share in history of groundbreaking achievements in both preventing unwanted development and enabling progressive ones. Reference and context are crucial then, to a comprehensive analysis.

This is an established symbol for the Vancouver East-side crippling problem of drug abuse and homelessness.

Lessons of the past might not always prepare you for future surprises. However, the experience gained in real life is worth documenting for reference.

The 2010 Winter Olympics showed mostly the nicer face of Canadian hospitality and community engagement.

Against some challenging odds a group of dedicated and committed Vancouver residents overturned a decision that had looked like a sealed deal.

Before seeing this drawing I’ve only heard about the fight against the freeway. The cries about killingChinatownwere not exaggerated. Visits to other cities that took the freeway route are evidence to the menace of freeway worship.


Words will not build a city. Still, optimism is an essential ingredient and additive to any effort of planning and execution.

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