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Understanding the needs

Asking what we want and what we already have will help us determine our needs. Vancouver has a history of achievements and pitfalls. The city’s residents showed their power to address unwanted as well as progressive developments. Land values inVancouverare prohibitively high. Street drugs and homelessness are persistent problems. Winter 2010 Olympics were a huge celebration. The 2011 Stanley Cup riots were the hangover.

Bikers, skateboarders, wall climbers and what not, they all make the public sphere much more lively and interesting. Relatively small budgets are usually required to provide free activities. Some can become business opportunities in collaboration with the city.

Separating traffic users makes sense in terms of safety. When speeds are reduced though there is room for opening up the walls. This way a natural feel of a city street will evolve.

A variety of structure to allow access from one point to the other support many needs. They also add up to the character of the place.

Balancing between contradictions

Development alone cannot solve social or economic problems. It is crucial in providing the right infrastructure and space for human activity to prosper and heal.

(Move on to ideas.<Link to come shortly>)

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